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Welcome Dog Welcome to Everydog Magazine!

Since Everydog magazine released its first issue in 2010, the economy has changed, pet ownership has changed, and we’ve changed. We’ve tweaked our look, our content, and our approach to match the modern owner’s needs. But we’ve never changed our mission to bring dogs and people together. As a quarterly, dog-centered magazine, we present a unique variety of topics to inform and entertain every dog owner, whether novice or experienced. Our content is thoughtful, researched, and written with every dog in mind, whether puppy, adult, senior, purebred, mixed, mutt, or rescue.

Magazine IconWant to write for us?

Everydog is open to new freelance writers who exercise excellence in voice, style, and content. Our editorial team reads print and web submissions year round and values material written with the company’s ideals in mind. For information on queries, proposals, and article submissions click here.